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Sep 08




My therapist asked me to create something “motivating” so I made these.


I really love these, and I reblog them every single time. Some of you don’t realize how easy it’s to forget to do some of those stuff or how hard they can be some days.

now i feel like ive actually accomplished something today thank u ily

Jul 05


reblog if you’re the gay sister

Jun 14


i shouldnt have googled this

Reason #501 Why White People Need to be Stopped.

Feb 13

quote The only thing I HAVE to do is stay black and die.

African American proverb (via blackproverbs)

Love it. Ole’ Southern White Folks modify to “The only things I HAVE to do is die & pay taxes.” — Ironic because, how many ole white dudes you know don’t pay taxes?

Ene 28

quote The trouble is that, for women, being “nice” often translates into putting up with things we should never put up with. How many times has some creep sat uncomfortably close to me on the bus and stared me down, yet I’m too afraid to just get up and move, lest I offend him?

We smile when we’re harassed on the street or hit on by jerks. We laugh at sexist jokes. We learn that when we have strong opinions, we’ll be called bitches and that if we get angry, we’ll be called hysterical. When we say what we want, we’re called pushy or aggressive.

Part of learning “ladylike” behavior is about learning to smile politely when someone is being crude. Femininity has long been attached to passivity and to being docile. Men fight, women giggle and fume silently.

Women And Girls Don’t Need To Be Told To Be Nicer (via idioticteen)

I remember being about 15 and a guy on the street told some girl, maybe in her 20’s that she should “smile more” she told him to go fuck himself, and I was amazed, and liberated at the same time.

Sep 13

vox populi

I’ve seen some good anti-Mexican-police graffiti but this is some GOAT graffiti.


vox populi

I’ve seen some good anti-Mexican-police graffiti but this is some GOAT graffiti.

Ago 05


My friend was walking and found this Godzilla toy in the Trash so he put a shirt on it, named him John, and then took him out to T.G.I. Fridays and then Dinner was on John. 


Jul 24


how to keep every detail of your private life private

a book by Sidney Crosby

Chapter 1: Be as awkward as possible in any type of social interaction.

Jul 20

quote Shut the fuck up. From me to you. Sweet bitch, cancel Valentine’s Day.

— Kid Fury.  I LIVE for this.
Jul 07



If I’ve learned anything from video games, it is that when you meet enemies, it means that you’re going in the right direction.

that’s really inspiring